Enhance Privacy with Video Archive Blurring Feature — SmartBlur™

vmax-view-video-smart-blurSeon’s vMax® View simplifies the viewing, archiving, and retrieval of video data.

With vMax View’s video archive blurring feature, SmartBlur™, software users can easily blur faces to protect the privacy of all people recorded in video systems. The SmartBlur feature ensures the enhanced confidentiality of both drivers and passengers.

“SmartBlur is unique because the feature is applied to the entire video clip as opposed to a single still image,” says Peter Simmons, Director of Marketing. “This feature allows video archives to be sent to other personnel knowing that the privacy of innocent bystanders will be fully protected.”

Seon’s vMax View allows transportation administrators to retrieve key details about onboard incidents using video synchronized with mapping software, allowing them to search by video clip, alarm, or date and time. It utilizes standard JPEG and AVI formats, as well as an encrypted video archive format, which secures the chain of evidence.

vMax View features easy-to-use software with straightforward play, forward, and rewind buttons, as well as a timeline with user-adjustable zoom and scroll. vMax View can help save on maintenance and fuel by ensuring drivers maintain good driving practices, minimize idling, and stay on designated routes.

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Tia O'Grady Marketing Coordinator

Tia O’Grady
Marketing Coordinator
Toll Free: 1.877.630.7366
Email: tia.ogrady@seon.com



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