Case Study: Camera Systems Deliver Significant ROI for Transit Agencies

Halifax MetroTransit Security Manager of Halifax Metro Transit, Doug Mosher, participated in a case study on the ROI of camera systems for transit.  He categorized mobile surveillance for his entire fleet as a must-have for keeping transit drivers and passengers safe.

Mosher explains bus camera systems to be an absolute ROI with incredible savings on time, labor, and effective mitigation of fraudulent claims. “The time saved in administrative and investigative requirements, as well as the ability to moderate potential litigation costs, have had a positive impact on fiscal accountability in Halifax… Our Risk Management team says that any public transit fleet that does not have a camera system in its buses is at an automatic disadvantage,” he says.

In the case study, Mosher describes the key benefits of having video surveillance on-board, which include:

  • Efficient identification of what happens in transit
  • Mitigation of incidents and accidents (prevention of potential litigation)
  • ROI: in 1.5 years the mobile surveillance solution paid for itself (estimated 2 million dollars)
  • Crimes down significantly since cameras installed

Mosher sums it up by saying, “We want our city to be a safe place to live, work, and play. The more we do to provide a safe transit service in our community will help us achieve that goal — And bus camera systems help us do it.”
Seon-case-study-Halifax-MetroTo read the full case study, click on the following link:




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