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Top 3 Reasons to Wirelessly Download Bus Surveillance Video

Yesterday I was running late for a meeting and saved the file I was working on to a USB drive. Or so I thought. Later, when I went to review my work, I discovered it was gone! All those hours of work – wasted.

Normally we save files to a network storage drive, which is backed up regularly, to avoid these types of hasty mistakes. Those small text and image-based files are usually easy to retrieve, download and organize.

But what about video surveillance files? With one bus, it might not be a big deal to go out to the bus yard and pull the hard drive out of the on-board video recorder to access video footage of an incident. Imagine multiplying the bus count for a larger fleet of 50 or more?

Now imagine forgetting to replace the hard drive in that bus recorder and finding out after a serious accident that the video didn’t record.  The cost of missing footage could be huge.

In a small group, any issues or challenges seem small and invisible at first. But as a group grows larger, so do the number of demands. With more challenges comes a higher chance that things can go wrong.  Investing in a wireless video management system can prevent those types of issues from happening and ensure bus video is always recording.
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