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Quick Guide: Preparing for Emergencies with Surveillance Technology

When the safety of your passengers and operators is at stake, every second counts. Being proactive with staff training is as important as leveraging security tools. While most transit agencies have video surveillance cameras on their vehicles, there are a few simple strategies transportation teams can use to improve on-board visibility and incident response.

Preparing for Emergency_eBookIn this free guide, we share 5 best practices to help you respond to emergencies quickly and improve incident investigations. These strategies have proven to work for our customers and we hope they will help your teams as well.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  1. The importance of correct video camera positioning
  2. What the best tools are to mark and track incidents
  3. How to locate the right bus video to resolve incidents faster


Vlada Terenina, Marketing, Seon


Vlada Terenina
Marketing Coordinator | Seon