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Welcome to the Seon Blog – a blog powered by Seon, a leading provider of video surveillance and fleet management solutions for fleet vehicles in North America. As part of the Safe Fleet family since 2014, we have a mission to increase safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

The Seon Blog educates transportation professionals like you on trends, and technology for fleet safety and efficiency. In our posts, we aim to inspire you, share expert advice from insiders, best practices from customers and partners, strategies for driver and pedestrian safety, and tools for managing fleets effectively.

Our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube are a platform for our customers and partners to ‘get personal’ and connect with other transportation industry professionals to discuss transportation safety trends and news, and learn about Seon products and events.

We are always trying to improve, so if you have a great idea or any constructive feedback for our blog, please send us an email at marketing [at] seon [dot] com

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The Seon Blog is a result of contributions from our thought leaders and technical experts. Below is the list of our featured contributors.

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